Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Karaoke?

    Karaoke is singing to music tracks without vocals. You supply the voice. This allows you to become the singer of your favourite songs.

  • Do Karaoke discs use original artist recordings?

    No. Karaoke discs are re-creations recorded by independent studios. The manufacturers hire session musicians to perform songs in the likeness of the original artist. The interpretation and quality of these re-creations may vary from brand to brand.

  • What is CDG?

    CDG or CD+G stands for Compact Disc Plus Graphics. These discs are like a regular CD except that they contain an additional hidden track that contains the ability to display the lyrics on a TV provided they are played on a CDG compatible karaoke player. CDG is the North American Standard for Karaoke discs.

  • Will a CDG disc play on my home CD player?

    Yes. Although a CDG karaoke player is required to decode the lyrics for on-screen viewing, the music will play in a regular CD player.

  • Is karaoke music available in DVD format?

    Yes. However, DVD Karaoke discs tend to be higher priced and there is a limited selection of songs available.

  • Are there other formats besides CDG and DVD?

    Yes. VCD is a popular format in Asia and this format is available in the North American market. Although limited availability in song selection and general poor quality makes it an unattractive option.

  • How do I determine what key a song is recorded in?

    Generally, most songs are recorded in the same key as the original version. Unfortunately, most Karaoke disc manufacturers do not provide this information.

  • What is a key Changer?

    A key changer allows the singer to raise or lower the key the song is performed in.

  • What kind of Karaoke machine should I look for?

    There are two basic designs of karaoke player. One is the component style that can be added to your existing home stereo. This type of unit would resemble your regular CD player in appearance. The second is a portable system that would provide both player and built in speakers. This type of unit would resemble a portable stereo.

  • What kind of TV do I need for my karaoke player?

    Any standard television will work. However there are two different connection methods. One is a VIDEO signal. The other is an RF signal, which is available on Channel #3 or #4.

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